Before introducing the aim & the object or the mission & the vision of the Guardians the Foundation, We wants to mention few lines as “we realized the value of mother & father by realizing them in their absent’’. The first teacher of every child is the mother and the person, who will be seen the dream of his child, is the father. Mother & father are the natural guardians. Without them nobody would success in the life and nobody would take their place, even God also. Think, some time, how the children, who lost their parents before arriving his maturity, would live the life. There may be so many answered or keys but which might be not sure or helpful about their progress, thus remains only darkness in their life and lastly they would live helplessly.

We had been seeing in our society / surrounding some unfortunate childrens, who are helplessly trying to save their life & fighting with the situation. Prasad patil had lost his father at the age of 15 months. When he was only 15 months old and his sister was just of 5th year’s old age. Their mother was widow at the age of 25th years and since she has been working as a labour.Bhagyashri mahajan had lost her father at the age of 13th years, Nishant Gavhane had lost both the parents ,father at the age of 2 years and mother at the at the age of 4th years and living with maternal aunty and uncle. We also realized the feeling of children of Remand homes at Jalgaon. Some of them had lost both the parents. Therefore they are residing in remand home.

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After viewing with all above childrens, though they lost their parent, they are not only matured but they also know the value of education by studying hard. Prasad got 89% in 10th class, Bhagyashri got 96 %in 10th class ,Nishant got 80 % in diploma civil engineer and sister of Prasad had completed diploma course and studying in B.E. Seconed year course but now a days all are worry about higher education ,how they will complete higher education ?.To pay the fees of engineering course, Prasad’s sister had been doing labour work with her mother .There is no government scheme to help them for the higher study. The childrens, who are residing in remand home ,have no knowledge about higher education except I.T.I. ,they taught that I.T.I. will be best for them, due to they lost their vision without proper guiadance.

We, the guardians, realized the value & importance of parents and therefore established a platform for those boys & girls students, who were lost their single or both parents, who are needy & poor, for their higher education from 10thclass to graduation or post graduation as per their ability ,study , continuity and hardworking .We, all 11 persons, gathered & think about how to make the progress of their life and decide to educate them i.e. orphans students ;Being a guardians we should help them to stand independently to earn their bread and butter with respect them. The major role played by Adv.K.B.Varma,Adv.Sau.Bharti Isai, Shri.Narendra Kabra, Engr.Sapan Zunzunwala, Adv.Jayesh Bhawsar to estabalish the trust ,they time to time visited the remand homes,contact with childrens and developed the project.The name of the trust suggested by Engr.Sapan Zunzunwal as “GUARDIANS(The Foundation)”. He has also given a slogan “learning today and leading tommarow” .

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Our Mission

The mission of the foundation is to choose 25 students every year, whom education to be given up to graduation. To complete this mission, each year members / guardians, will give fixed amounts. Same will be continued each and every year. One hand foundation will join new 11 members as a guardians and another hand will take minimum 25 students, whom that year guardians will take care. To complete the mission, all the Guardians have been giving lifetime service of Rs.50,000 to the Guardians the foundation. So that funds will be generated automatically for orphan student's higher education.
The next mission of the foundation is that to join the educational classes, retired teacher, computer /educational institutions for providing best education to the students of the guardians the foundation. These teachers will be joined in the foundation as “Guardians family” and these families will be helpful to develop the life of the students by educating them.
The another mission of the guardians the foundation is to join those parents who lost their children in accident or suddenly died, due to they will have been childless. These families will also be joined in the foundation as “Guardians family” and these families will be helpful to develop the social life of the students. They may meet; with the prior permission of the natural single parent or foundation; in any occasion or may celebrate the festival with our ward i.e. students.

Our Vision

Every year guardians the foundation has been taking minimum 25 students for higher education up to graduation. It means the vision of the foundation is to make student graduate. So that they will stand up independently with success in their life. Further, they will also be acted as guardians of other orphan students and will help them.