Welcome to Guardians the Foundation

Before introducing the aim & the object or the mission & the vision of the Guardians the Foundation, wants to mention few lines as
“we realized the value of mother & father by realizing them in their absent’’
The first teacher of every child is the mother and the person who will be seen the dream of his child is the father. Mother & father are the natural guardians. Without them nobody would success in the life and nobody would take their place, even God also. Think, some time, how the children; who lost their parents before arriving his maturity; would live the life. There may be so many answered or keys but which might be not sure or helpful about their progress, thus remains only darkness in their life and lastly they would live helplessly.

We had been seeing in our society / surrounding some unfortunate childrens, who are helplessly trying to save their life & fighting with the situation. Prasad patil had lost his father at the age of 5 months when he was only 15 months old and his sister was just of 5th year’s old age. Their mother was widow at the age of 25th years and since she has been working as a labour,Bhagyashri mahajan has lost her father at the age of 13th years, Nishant Gavhane had lost both the parents ,father at the age of 2 years and mother at the at the age of 4th years and living with maternal aunty and uncle. We also realized the feeling of children of Remand homes at Jalgaon. Some of them lost both the parents. Therefore they are residing in remand home.

Help To Orphan Students

Guardians the Foundation is the registered trust and established mainly for orphan students, who are needy and poor, for their education from 10th class to graduation or post graduation.Foundation provides educational expenses of all the students,including college/School fees.

Guardians Family

Guardians knows the social responsibility therefore joined the teachers of tution classes who are teaching the student of Guardians, as a Guardians Family.And also joined those families who lost their childrens in accident or suddenly died. All these familly have to be joined as a Guardians Family.As well As the persons who helped the trust,have been also jioned as guardians family.

Organs Donation

Guardians the Foundations also activated in the program of awareness of Organ donation, which is most required for the society and responsible thing for every human being and is one of the most genuine way to save someone's life.