About the Registration of the Trust & Bank Accounts

  • Trust Registration No. Mah/19036/Jalgaon, Pan No. AACTG7608J

  • Registration Certificate under order S.12 AA(1)(b)(i) of Income Tax act URN 156F/604/2017-18 issued by Hon’able Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions) department Pune.

  • 80G Certificate : PN/CIT{Exempt.}/Tech/80G/699/2018-19/2463 dated 03/08/2018 Granted by Commissioner IT {Exemption} Pune valid from dated 16/05/2018

  • Bank Name : State Bank Of India Agricultutal Branch , Ring Road Jalgaon.
         IFS Code NO : SBIN0020800
         Account NO : 37023735298.

  • Pan No.AACTG7608J.