Guardians the foundation is the public trust & registered in the office of deputy Charity Commissioner at Jalgaon under the Maharashtra Public Trust Act on 10/03/2016 & having a registered number is F-18230/Jalgaon. From the month of June 2016,the foundation has been starting its own work. Last year Foundation has taken 25 students. The committee of 3 members have been selected them and foundation has paid their school/college fees ,tuition fees and also provided books, notebooks and stationary. Foundation has already decided that all the transaction will be carried only through the cheque.

The project of tree planting was arranged by one of the Guardian Shri. Mukesh Lalwani in his filed “Shanti-Van” as per appeal made by Chief Minister Shri. Devendra Fadnavis of Maharashtra Government on 01/07/2016. The occasion was graced by the chief guests Smt.Rubal Agrawal, Hon’able Collector of Jalgaon and Shri Shantilalji Lalwani. All the Guardians and students of guardians were also present. The first cheque of the foundation was delivered to Prasad Rajendra Patil at the hands of the Hon’able Collector and two cheques were also given to student Aniket Shoor& Krunal Sapkale. Thereafter the programs of tree plantation of 130 trees were completed at the hands of chief guest, guardians & students of the Foundation.

Orphan Student's :

Guardians the Foundation is established mainly for orphan students, who are needy and poor and Guardians will help them from 10th class to graduation. Foundation provides educational expenses of all the students, including college/School fee.Last year foundatin has taken liability of 25 students and in the present year foundation has been taken liability of 56 students, out of 6 students are studying in the B.E and one Bhagyashree Mahajan has decided to study in C.A Faculty.

Some of the father of the orphan students were farmers, unfortunately they commited suicide.All the founder, Trustees and Members have been acting as Guardians of all the students and take social responsibility of these students.

Guardians Family :

Guardians knows the social responsibility therefore joined those families who lost their childrens in accident or suddenly died. All these familly have to be joined as a Guardians Family.The idea behind this project is that both means orphan students and the family who lost their childrens and unhappy because of their unfortunate incident.

Foundation has tried with best efforts that may be happy after meeting with theire childrens, will see theire child in orphan children and orphan children will realise the presence of their own parent when they meet these parent.
And also joined the teachers of tution classes who are teaching the student of Guardians, as a Guardians Family. Luckily we got many teachers of the tution classes, they are ready to provide the education free of cost.Shri Nandalalji Gadiya,who runs Mahavir classes, Shrimati shinde madam who teaches the subject of chemistry,Dr.Talele madam who teaches the subject of biology and other teachers are participated to give free tution.

Organs Donation :

Awareness of donate of Organs : Guardians the Foundations also activated in the program of awareness of Organ donation, which is most required for the society and responsible thing for every human being and is one of the most genuine way to save someone's life.
Same incident happened in the family of the Bobade.They lost the boy Nishant who was studying in B.E last year in Pune.The accident Occurred with nishant and he had lost the brain and due to that he died. At that time, the Bobade family decided to donates the Organs of their boy Nishant to needy person and acordingly the heart,both kidneys,liver and skin were donated. Nishant's mother Nehetai bobade is joined with the foundation and has been started the work of awareness of donate of the organs.